Joy is Feeling-Not Thought

Nettie Vaughan
3 min readNov 24, 2021

There is a lot of information expressing that our thoughts create our reality. I do believe this myself. However, if we place our energy solely on our thoughts and not the associated feelings that go along with them, how will the universe know that we’re sincere? You might have heard, “Fake it til’ you make it,” in terms of manifestation. I believe this is true to some extent. You can think of positive thoughts and hope that they will manifest in the material world, but unless there is an associated feeling with that thought, the energetic aspect of the idea may fail.

This is my assumption because as I sit in quiet contemplation each day, this idea pops up. How can we add the material without the non-material? I propose that thought is material and takes form in some aspects, but a feeling is non-material and a powerful energy source. Therefore, it must drive the thought to materialize in some way. This is why many mystic writers say that you get what you ask for even if you don’t want it. In other words, if you perseverate on a thought such as “I really don’t want this or that” and you attach a powerful emotion to that thought, it will still manifest because of the emoted energy attached to that thought.

Maybe this is why we are taught, as seekers, to “go for the better feeling thought.” At least if the better feeling thought is more optimistic, the “feeling energy” that attaches to that thought will drive its manifestation. I’ve been experimenting with these ideas and have found success. It’s pretty fun and challenging to play with the universe in this way.

It’s essential to have some genuine, positive feeling with the thought you’re putting out there. In other words, it should resonate on some level within your spirit for this to work. For example, I often have a habitual reaction to the holidays. I try not to pinpoint or relive its origin because that causes momentum and pushes me down the rabbit hole of negativity. Instead, I observe it, honor it, and welcome it. I speak directly to the rambling ego, “Okay, so you think vacation is going to whisk by, and you’ll feel sad that you didn’t enjoy yourself because you obsessed about cleaning the house and making everything perfect.” Then, I open up higher-self to speak, “All is well, and all is fleeting, enjoy each moment starting now.”

Okay, that’s nice, so how do I attach that message to the feel-good/feelings part? I immediately find something to ground myself to at that moment. Catch yourself, look around, and use your senses to ground yourself. Often, I’m in my car when ego wants to agitate me. So, I look at a tree. There’s something about trees that ground me. I can feel the energy of the tree or the sun or a puffy cloud; it can be anything that usually makes you say, “wow,” or sparks wonder in you. Then, when the energy sparks, I quickly think of a positive holiday memory-like a quick video clip in my head. I put myself there and feel the highest energy- love.

Then, I sit in that feeling, and I put it out there for a few minutes. I express gratitude for a self-healing moment. I feel good. I realize (know) what it takes to transmute thoughts and their associated feelings to manifest all good things. What you put out there indeed does come back to you, directly to your heart, first, and then on the material plane.

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