Perfect Peace, Perfect Poise

Nettie Vaughan
3 min readMar 27, 2022

I’ve always picked up on the energy that surrounds me. It is both a blessing and a curse. As I’m maturing as an Earthbound soul, I’m becoming more sensitive and a bit choosier about who I keep company.

When I’m in the presence of another person or persons, I can sense their energy field. If I had to explain how it feels, it would be something like this-the energy transfers and surrounds me. Then I get a message through the senses in my body about how that person(s) is feeling.

The same thing happens when I enter a room full of people. There’s no need to “tune in” because the energy comes right to me. I can immediately sense whether there is tension or happiness in the space. Those who feel, absorb, or sense others’ energy is empathic. Empaths are highly aware of and attuned to those who surround them. Often, they are tremendously sensitive individuals, even in childhood, and can become completely overwhelmed by the energy of others that surrounds them.

We all can be empathic if we become aware of the energy surrounding us. One must pay close attention. Try to tune into your surroundings. Observe others with nonjudgment. Look at the expressions on faces and body language. Tap in with your senses-how does the atmosphere feel, how do things look and smell? Don’t analyze what’s going on; this is not “mind stuff;” it’s a sensory experience.

I used to try to host large parties with many friends. My goal was to raise everyone’s spirits to feel love, joy, and happiness. I’d spend the day cooking and decorating, ensuring everything was perfect. The guests would arrive, and the vibes were high. Everyone was having a great time-except for one thing. I’d pick up on all the energy and feel like I was in overdrive. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing-just overwhelming. So, I’d have these great parties and run into another room (sometimes into a closet) and hide! Well, not for long. I just had to center myself and breathe, and then I could return.

Nowadays, I avoid large parties, and if I must attend an event, I don’t stay very long. I’ve learned that idle talk and gossip are not good energy fields to allow oneself into and that it’s most important to be in the company of friends who have similar interests or, better yet, energy fields. In turn, energy strikes a balance, and as a result, the feelings of harmony and peace prevail.

If you’re empathic and a challenge arises while in the company of others, go a step further with your gift instead of fleeing a situation. For example, if I find myself in a space where there is “wobble” in the energy field, intuitively and through concentration, I consciously seek to raise the vibration of the person or people around me. It’s difficult to use words to describe how to do this, but the best description I can give is that the energy dispersed comes from the true self, the knowing self, or the tender heart who echoes the words deep within: “perfect peace and perfect poise.” It takes practice to do this! Then, I center myself by breathing very slowly and profoundly, feeling stillness. And so it is.

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